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Salem Festival of the Dead – Halloween 2022

Halloween is a major festival for Luciferians, satanists and witchy types. Salem Massachusetts, not to be confused with Salem Oregon appears to be a major hub for Halloween celebrations.

In 2022 as usual Brian Cain and Christian Day, Luciferian High Priests are leading the organising of the Satanic Festivities. Brian Cain and Christian Day are High Priests of the East/South Quadrants trained by and under Grand High Priestess Laurie Cabot Kent. [13]

Events in the Festival of the Dead have been happening throughout October leading up to the major satanic eventon Halloween 31 October.

It’s a horrible “festival” but important to keep track of and understand the Luciferian mind – who, what, where, when, how. Ostrichlike, head in the sand, ignoring what they do, leaving ourselves in ignorance will get us nowhere, and has got us into the position in which we are in now – ruled by psychopathic Luciferians. Sunlight and transparency are great disinfectants. Also learn their symbolism to learn their activities.

Like most witchy and magikal activity the festival appears to be to manipulate events on earth via the spirit world. This almost always seems to be for the selfish gains of the earthly participants, via the power of the demonic spirits, who of course have their price for such activity.

Friday 28th Oct is the Halloween Witches Ball, one of the main annual events, run by Christian Day and Brian Cain at which it says there is food, music, dancing, magic and powerful ritual. The theme this year is The Wild Hunt.

Noting the predeliction of Lucifarians for human hunting Human Hunting [21] this is disturbing. Boasting of magic and powerful ritual is also disturbing and will not be for the benefit of earth or mankind.

From the official events listing there is no event on the Saturday, but see later in the article for some events not on the official events list.

On Sunday Mourning Tea with Salem witches Angel Griffin and Debra Lori.

On Sunday evening is The Dumb Supper:Dinner with the Dead which is described as Salem Witches most sacred event, and takes place in total silence. Participants place icons of the dead on an altar and try to contact them.

The courses of the evening are served in reverse.

On Monday, on Halloween or Samhain, is the Salem Witches Magic Circle on Salem Common and open to all for free.

Other events that have happened this year…

One of the most important figures behind the growth of Halloween and witchy activities in Salem is Laurie Cabot, who is a Grand High Priestess of North/East [12].

She became the “Official Witch of Salem” by petitioning Governor Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts, to the consternation of other witches and the public. In 1977 she received the title, which she still uses.

She received the Patriot’s Award and a proclamation, signed by Dukakis which stated “I proclaim Laurie Cabot the Official Witch of Salem for her work with children with special needs”

Laurie Cabot seems to be doing less now but she is quite old now. She was born 6 Mar 1933 [9] so she is 89 years old.

However although it appears to not be on the official list of activities, which does not include an event for Saturday, then if you check via the Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple website [8], then there is a Witches’ Costume Ball run by Laurie Cabot, High Priests and Priestesses and the Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple.

Laurie started the Witches Ball in 1973 [11]. She rightly proclaims this is the “original” – is there some tension with the more recent Ball of Cain and Day?

Laurie is said to summon the Queen of the Dead principality – a particularly powerful and nasty demon aka Queen of Heaven and Lilith and other names. [14].

The Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple has events on the other Sabbats said to be at the Portuguese American Vets Hall.

Another organisation hosting events in October is The Satanic Temple, which is based in Salem at the Salem Art Gallery.

On Friday, at the same time as the main Ball, the Art gallery is the venue for the Carnaval Satanique Masquerade Ball hosted by Mischief Madness and with DJ’s Whimsical Blasphemy and DJ B.

Interestingly they are still very hot on useless masks, the inaccurate Covid tests and discredited unsafe and ineffective covid “vaccination”. Can’t Satan fight covid? However they have lifted the vaccination requirements for Oct 12-31st!

On the Saturday there is a walking tour and then ritual with Thomas O’Brien Vallor, a local witch and Minister of Satan.

The tour ends at Salem Art Gallery – The Satanic Temple HQ for the concluding ritual.

The Satanic Temple are controversial as they are very in your face. They are high profile and they campaign on often emotive issues that grab the headlines.

For instance they are campaigning on the basis that Texas prevent TST members performing a religeous ritual to remove non viable foetal tissue up to 24 weeks.

This outrages many people, of course. However if those people cannot argue cogently their case, especially in law as to how to legally distinguish between certain acts and others and how to preserve certain rights for all yet outlaw certain practices that some people carry out, then they just spout hot air.

The TST are claiming First Amendment Rights.

The TST can be thought of as almost a useful parody organisation. They do great service by bringing public attention to practices that previously went unnoticed, that many people might not agree with. More people now have the opportunity to learn and understand that abortion is indisputably used as a religious ritual by satanists / luciferians. This is something the bulk of people just haven’t a clue about even when they are being told by the people that do it! Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg of baby and child sacrifice in satanism and Luciferianism.

However the TST are not glibly vexatious. Their arguments are intellectual and grounded in law. If we as individuals or as a society assert that we have rights then they should be rights for all, unless we can intellectually analyse and argue and convince others of the case for exceptions. If we wish to distinguish between TST and other religious organisations then we need to be able to intellectually distinguish them and detail that. Vague argument based on instinct or emotion that turns out to be full of holes is useless. If you wish to deny the TST of some activity, then exceptions need to be expounded and written into the law that will not catch anyone other groups and deny them of rights. It must also not protect other religeous groups that are in fact just Christian fronts secretly compromised by dark forces. At least the TST are straightforwardly stating and asserting their beliefs.

The Satanic Temples founder and leader Lucien Greaves is also controversial. Lucien also goes by other names Doug Mesner and Douglas Mysecko [12]. He has now been named by Jessie Czebotar as her Personal Protector and Training Partner [12] from around age 4.

When Doug was aged about four and a half his sister was raped in front of him and his family killed by the top Luciferians, as the family wanted to escape the system. For some of the horrific details read Forged Through Brokenness (SBFIS Part 4) [20] and James F Volpe [18]

Aged about 7 Doug became, on merit, through winning a protectors battle, the Head Protector of the Illuminati, answerable only to the Mothers of Darkness.

When Jessie and Doug were placed in the ubiquitous double binds, some of which were kill or be killed, then although they both fought, Doug said he would do all the killing so that Jessie could remain clean of that. Doug also made Jessie promise that if she got out of the system, then to get him out as well.

Does Doug still want out?

Many if not most people in the system want to get out. What will help them to get out? How can we help them get out? Mind controlled and demons attached from an age most of us cannot remember they stood little chance. Many people who know little of the system, and what it is like to be in the system, attack all those in it regardless, from their positions of fortune.

Food for thought.

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