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UT10 Lost Daughter – under Cult Mind Control?

RE: Lost Daughter

Our daughter Lynette [pseudonym] was an Aspergers who largely beat the odds. While many in her state never graduated from high school or worked, she went to two universities, graduated with a psychology degree, then converted to computer science. Her skills were amazing, and eventually, she moved out of the house into her first apartment. After two apartments, she then purchased a condominium and even worked for a Fortune 500 company.

Eventually, she moved to Utah, and worked for several companies in IT. Her attitude began to change to one of frustration, and even anger on many occasions, though. Discussions began turning into arguments. Having said that, she kept in touch on a regular basis, so we knew she was okay. However, she began showing a reluctance to give out information, a photo of where she lived, etc. When we discussed visiting, it always seemed as though something came up. One time we even were finalizing trip plans, only to discover she was planning on flying to Dallas at the same time.

With her frustration and company cut-backs, she became a casualty, which started some job bouncing, as many employers cannot understand Aspergers when they aren’t informed of their characteristics. As she delved into other areas such as property management, her job changes grew, as well as some despair.

When we retired, one of our goals was to see our daughter (i.e. long trip). The phone rang one late morning, informing us a security company had us as the emergency number. We immediately called our daughter to inform her of the issue (not critical), but nobody answered. Therefore, we texted her, only to receive a curt non-descript response. I called again—still no answer, and now the calls began to go to immediate voicemail. We wrote her an email, only to get another short non-descript response, which was extremely uncharacteristic. After this continued on and on, we finally decided to drive to Provo. And the trip was long, very interesting, and we finally became excited as we approached the city, thinking everything could be resolved.

Arriving in Provo, we found her condominium, only to discover it with open blinds, looking somewhat stripped apartment with only some clothes and kitchen utensils left. But no daughter was there. Where is she? Neighbors hadn’t seen her in months. We then called numerous times, but every call was immediately forwarded to voice mail, which was full. Texting went unanswered. So, we finally went to the police and put her on a missing person’s report and asked for a welfare check, with the officer telling us he would do everything he could to find her.

Not hearing anything from her phone, text, or the police, we contacted NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), who offered some moral support. And then we finally left, not knowing what to do. Have you ever been at a point, where a topic takes over 24/7? Yes, we weren’t perfect parents, there were some arguments, but there was certainly no abuse, and we had loved and supported her throughout her life. Gone?

Returning to our home, we decided to hire a Private Investigator, who ran his checks and came up with nothing. And the officer that was dedicated to finding the truth? He sent another officer to her location after texting from the police department and came away stating “she had a mask on” but everything was fine. Now we began searching for her, looking into e-mails, phone calls, LinkedIn, and even tried to triangulate the cell phone address. We then found an anti-human trafficking private investigator who had spent years in this realm and offered hours of advice. And yes, we took notes, focusing upon 3 areas: mind-control from our government, a Mormon cult, or the Scientologist group. Were any of these involved? No idea.

Fast forward and long trip Number 2 occurred, this time with us tracking her down at a store where she worked. Mind you, this took quite a bit of work, time, and effort to get to this point. We wanted to focus on three aspects: is she okay, where is she living, and is someone controlling her? As I finally approached her in Salt Lake City, I wondered would she respond as a long-lost daughter loving to see her father, or would it be fear? Right or wrong, I tried to downplay the key moment by asking her what would she recommend with this potted plant? She immediately realized who I was, and without saying one word—raced away. Bottom line is she looked like a zombie robot, with no life in her face. Having read extensively about mind control, she appeared to have every symptom. Seeing me appeared to be a “trigger” and she was abjectly, afraid of me. I then watched her leave and tracked her until she got on the commuter train. There simply was no way to get on the train in time to catch her. Where is she living?

I then began looking into Mormon and Scientology cults—could they be the culprit? Why? As I went to the police, I was immediately told there was really nothing they could do. The responses seemed very programmed to accept this situation, with the police essentially pointing the finger at the justice department. Perhaps that really is true, but the attitude didn’t pass any smell test for truthfulness in the least. Would I trust the Utah State Police? No. Then I went to the college, who took notes, and seemed very cooperative while we were there. Later, the e-mail came through, essentially stating nothing could be done, she is an adult, and therefore none of this is our business. And the question regarding whether our daughters was on drugs was simply ignored.

A handful of e-mails and texts were answered by Lynette, but the response was similar to a program. Nothing in her responses sounded like her, including the vernacular and even spelling. Was it another individual answering that controlled her? This did not sound like our daughter. She even mentioned being curious about walking in the snow in Provo. Mind you, that was Provo, Utah and she had lived there for close to six years and hadn’t walked in the snow? If you know Provo, that is an absolute impossible answer that made no sense.

So I now did my own research and came up with DID option (Dissociative Identity Disorder). Translated, this means some form of trauma has occurred and an alternative personality has come to life. What happened and why? Basically, this is a coping mechanism (i.e. Multiple Personalities), and essentially creates a “new you.” This might explain living in Provo and never having experienced walking in the snow. Her vernacular was new also, indicating something isn’t right. We also discovered she had a newfound interest in kickboxing. Mind you, this is coming from a girl who used to run from the soccer ball. When we saw her in Salt Lake City, she had gone from a pretty, competent young woman working IT for a fortune 500 company to rather unkempt, watering flowers for a living. I contacted the few friends I knew she had, only to discover she didn’t maintain any substantive correspondence.

And then we began looking into the liens to see—is money involved? This gets complicated, especially since personal loans aren’t seen. We’ve discovered many aspects about her never known, including pictures, friends, family members, and online data. But if I am correct regarding mind control, then this gets into how to deprogram—very difficult. I’ve now read around five mind control books, critiqued numerous websites, and it is simply horrifying. Svali, Cathy O’ Brien, and Cathy Fox were three great revelations, and then I began looking into patents related to mind control. The rabbit hole got deeper and deeper with drugs/hypnosis going to satellite and human addresses.

Lynette had worked for a contractor with the Marine Corp. When one delves into mind-control, it gets downright scary. One quick example was a test done a long time ago to see how easily people could be modified. A straight-forward lady with good moral values was drugged/hypnotized and then carried out a simulated attack when requested. Translated, an every-day individual under the right circumstances could have their behavior modified, even if temporarily. Remember, that our daughter worked in IT related to security. Did something occur? The timing seems to coincide…

As I delved into the people search services, I began unraveling other aspects such as other phone numbers, e-mails, social media, and addresses. One address that came up was First Step in SLC (Drug Treatment Center). Our daughter was never involved with illegal substances, yet First Step was showing up? That group correctly guards their information, so we haven’t approached them. But what led to this? Did she attend for collegiate purposes, or did she enter as an individual with a drug addiction?

I keep going back to the face of abject terror. My God, why? And some “helpful groups” weren’t helpful. My “expert friend” believes it is most likely one of the cults—but we don’t really know. Where is she? Now I honestly have a better understanding of how many grasp losing loved ones that simply vanish, never to be found. And many of the agencies meant to assist—don’t. Have you ever seen a post office box used for the home address of where you lived on her student registration? Really?

Have you ever gone to bed night after night, going to sleep, yet always worried as to where is your child and what in the world happened to her? We’ve had many, many discussions, tears, and “why” discussions. We re-trace the past communication, but as most know, the mind can become an absolute nightmare with every horrific possibility being discussed. This emotional nightmare never really ends. Now we at least have an idea regarding “lost” people who vanish and the dramatic impact it truly has. We do use prayer, though, and ironically are finding peace and a relationship to God we never knew.

Yes, we do have plans and ideas, but they will take time and money, with no guarantees. We’re on our own, and she is gone—somewhere.


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