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The BBC / Media is the Virus Feb 11 Rallies Worldwide

There are been several gatherings against the media recently, exposing their actions and particularly against the BBC. The protests are growing and that is not a surprise as the media were of course the main purveyors of misinformation and undoubtedly deliberate disinformation about covid. That misinformation and disinformation killed and injured people.

This weekend again the BBC are the focus of global protests, although the protests are rapidly spreading to other propaganda outlets across the planet. 57 Locations in 10 Countries across the world… see Telegram BBC is the Virus [6]

Their twitter is Twitter The Media Is The Virus @VirusIsTheMedia [10]

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Telegram BBC is the Virus [6] more later.

This was the result (below) of one of several peaceful rallies against the BBC in the North of England on 7 Jan 2023. Stickerbombed.

BBC has been a nexus of disinformation and lies for many years now, with their “journalists” too supine to speak out. This became all too apparent in covid mania of 2020 and 2021, to a large extent whipped up by the BBC themselves, and assisted globally with the BBC setting up the global disinformation organisation two facedly being called the “Trusted News Initiative”.

This video explains what they are and who is in it…

Odysee What is the Trusted News Initiative? [7]

First a bit of background …


The BBC was exposed to many as the purveyor of misinformation and disinformation and downright lies during the covid mania crisis. There were several peaceful mass protests during this time from people coming together about all sorts of issues about restrictions and policy – eg. lockdown, masking, testing, mandatory vaccinations, media disinformation, government coercion, NHS policy etc

The BBC was the target of several of the marches / protests during this time, which often passed by and stopped at the BBC en route to Downing Street or elsewhere. The BBC chose either not to cover the protests or if they did, they attacked the diverse mass protests quite cynically. They deliberately miscategorised them as small, confused and they used perjorative descriptions of them as extremists, antivaxxers, conspiracy theorists etc. All the usual tactics that we have come to expect from a corrupt propaganda organisation whose strategy appears to not only align with but promote the goals of the WEF and NWO.

On Jan 7 2022 this was the public reaction – a huge demonstration against the BBC about their “covid” and “vaccine” reporting as well as their longstanding liberal and forgiving / excusing, even blatantly supportive attitude to paedophilia and child abusers. The child abuse has been exposed largely since the death of the face of the BBC Jimmy Savile in 2012. For more see Pedos and Propaganda – the BBC… [2]

This photograph was taken by someone unofficially, from inside the BBC of the demonstration outside the BBC HQ at Portland House. London. It showed how large the demonstration was. The BBC could not miss it.

Despite the strength of the mass protest, the BBC chose to put its head in the sand and ignore the rally.

There was no news of the rally from the BBC .

At the time I tweeted…

Independent Journalist Sonia Poulton @SoniaPoulton was there…

But the BBC would rather stoop to reporting on a robot vacuum cleaner “escaping” from Travelodge as one of their main stories rather than the elephant at the BBC in the form of a protest against them on their doorstep about propaganda and paedophilia. [3]

Peaceful protest photos that day included at Trafalagar Square, nurses throwing uniforms at Downing Street after being betrayed, and at the not Aunty, as it liked to portray itself, but anti truth BBC.

This article from a year ago, covers many of the problems with the BBC. It was prompted by a child abuse campaigner attacking the statue proudly adorning the front of the BBC, which was carved by a paedophile, described here Pedos and Propaganda – the BBC… [2] The BBC once again ignored a protest literally on their doorstep. That is not the attitude of a decent, fair, unbiased, balanced news organiation. They are not.

Ariel and Prospero at the BBC HQ

BBC is the Virus Protests

Jan 7th 2023

The BBC is the Virus / Media is the Virus rally on 2022 Jan 7th was in the North of England – Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Salford/Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle. Three different groups took part The People’s Resistance, Freedom Fighters, and The North Unites.

It focussed on

  • people who had died from the mRNA Covid “vaccines”
  • the people at the BBC responsible for decisions and poor reporting
  • disinformation / lies at the BBC.

The groups posted stickers on BBC’s windows with photos of the people who died from the vaccine – the numbers and any publicity for which is suppressed by the corporate mainstream media aka mockingbird media.

The Gateway Pundit covered what the BBC did notGateway Pundit “BBC is the Virus” – At Least 6 BBC Buildings Across UK Covered with Photos of People Who Died from COVID Vaccine [1]

“BBC buildings today were given some TRUTH,” post on a Telegram group reads. “Enough is enough….the media is complicit in the biggest crimes against humanity and need to be held accountable for the deaths and harms caused to our friends and families.” [8a]

According to the announcement from the groups, the BBC…

  • Silences the dead & injured on social media
  • Took $23.7M from the Gates Foundation who bought $55M in BioNTech shares in Sep 2019 – “The BBC is committed to achieving due impartiality in all its output.” ~ BBC editorial guidelines

It is very very odd at best and criminal at worst that the BBC hardly covers vaccine injuries. Some deaths…

Some of the BBC staff, other media personnel, and government employees who have been accused of being in on the scheme were also posted as wanted.

Whilst not knowing most of the individuals named at the BBC, I can attest to the bias and duplicity shown by purveyor of Disinformation, Disinformation Corespondent Marianna Spring, some of whose faults I list in this blog Pedos and Propaganda – the BBC… [2]. She is also renowned for playing the victim at the drop of a hat, particularly after dropping outrageous disinformation, which she apparently thinks she should be allowed to get away with, without demur. That gives some idea of the entitlement of these characters at the BBC.

Jeremy Vine who I had the misfortune to listen to on the radio in the car on the way to my weekly shop during a part of the covid mania. His show was biased and framed to be deliberately biased. He is a disgrace but a large salary no doubt outweighs any morals he might have.

Protest weekend around 23 January 2023

BBC also ignored a massive protest on 23rd Jan 2022 by the vaccine injured.

Other BBC Scandals

BBC are under fire for a programme on ex Indian PM Modi, now banned in India. BBC are also under fire for as it has been found that a person who helped Boris get a loan of £800,000 then got the job as BBC chair, Richard Sharp. He has also apparently donated large sums to the Conservative party and was adviser to Johnson as London Mayor and advisor to Sunak as chancellor!

This brings us back to the protests this weekend.

Protest 11 Feb

This is some of the British ones, for full list check The Media is the Virus [6]

This is some of the Global protests but check for many more The Media is the Virus [6]

Check for many more The Media is the Virus [6] Large pic is now hi res.

There is an American group here Telegram USA Worldwide [9]

Twitter The Media Is The Virus [10] @VirusIsTheMedia

Some posters and resources



Channel 4

Vaccine Injured and Died

The cost of BBC disinformation – the vax damaged and dead

A bonus gallery of some memes and BBC related

Bonus Gallery


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Is Ukraine invading Poland?

This is the type of ludicrous headline that the mockingbird misinformation constantly produce. However they would not produce this one, as it is anti narrative, anti Ukraine and we are meant to love Ukraine no matter how many Nazis fight for them, are integrated into their power structures and despite there was an illegal nazi assisted coup in 2014 which overthrew the legally elected government.

Despite the Ukraine had been bombing its own people in Donbas for 8 years with over 14000 dead.

updated 2022 Nov 17

No we must make Russia the boogeyman, DESPITE the evidence.

At least the headline gets the country correct who fired the missile. It also implies the questions of whether it was deliberate or was it an accident?

It was obvious very soon that the missiles were not fired by Russia but by Ukraine…

However the Western mockingbord media DELIBERATELY choose to print misinformation… These are the successive alterations to the Mail. They rely on US intelligence sources who insist on anonymity for the lies they print.

David Averre, if he exists, is better suited to fiction and should be ashamed of producing this nonsense.

Each country has their reasons to take over the news agenda with lies… and there are many countries with many selfish reasons… and many people pulling the strings of thsoe countries that we do not even see.

This bunch are crooks, pure and simple.

Some humour…

The misinformation is the mainstream media…

They are the fake news. They love a false flag.

Zelensky is still denying it… [5] 2022 Nov Mail Zelensky insists missile that hit Poland WAS Russian despite NATO, US and even Polish president saying it was a Ukrainian air-defence misfire

Zelensky, US puppet and a cocaine addict, seems no longer to have any grasp on reality.






[5] 2022 Nov Mail Zelensky insists missile that hit Poland WAS Russian despite NATO, US and even Polish president saying it was a Ukrainian air-defence misfire – but all agree Putin to blame for nearly sparking WW3


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