Spot the Symbolism 2 – Google and Satanic Symbolism

Google use a variety of symbols that bear a remarkable similarity to “satanic symbols”. This post will look at…

  • Google Play
  • Google Mail
  • Google Chrome
  • G logo
  • Google Brand Colours

Please see the end for explanations of various terms such as Satan, Lucifer etc

Google Play

The google play symbol can appear to be a triangle or like a pyramid view from above.

The sigil of Lucifer has many of the same attributes

A sigil, from the Latin meaning seal, is a type of symbol used in magic. The term has usually referred to a pictorial signature of a deity or spirit. Wikipedia Sigil [11]

The sigil of Lucifer is used to call forth and communicate with Lucifer during rituals. Symbols and Meanings Sigil of Lucifer, The Meaning and Symbolism Behind The Seal of Satan [4]

The Lucifer sigil also fits the shadowing on the GMail symbol.


The Gmail symbol /logo can also appear as a pyramid from above…

The Gmail logo / symbol is also remarkably similar to a red freemasons apron…

Normally in England the freemasons Aprons are blue, but in global freemasonry there are red aprons, as aprons can vary depending on type of freemasonry, lodge and rank.

For more about Masonic Aprons see East Lancashire Freemasons Masonic Aprons and their Symbolism by Peter Maguire pdf [2a]

Another Google symbol with satanic overtones is the Google Chrome symbol…

Google Crome

The google chrome browser symbol can be seen as 3 sixes…

666 is the number of the beast. The beast refers to the entity mentioned in Revelations. The Beast [5]. I do not intend to delve into eschatology.


Google often uses the letter G as a logo, brand or symbol.

The letter G is also prominent in freemasonry…

Finally note the colours used in most of the google logos and symbols red, yellow, blue, green with white usually involved.

Eastern Star

The Order of the Eastern Star also has the colours red, blue, yellow, white and green.

The Order of the Eastern Star is a freemasonic order and what is known as Masonic appendant body – a side degree and organisation affiliated with the masons.

The public or exoteric explanation is here – wikipedia Order of the Eastern Star [16], whilst of course there are private, secretive, esoteric meanings that are hidden and exposed by ex insider survivor and whistleblower Fiona Barnett Cabala Eastern Star and MK Ultra [18].

The Eastern Star white ray is most often downward pointing, leaving the colors red and blue on either side of the vertical white. The colours have links to mind control, and here are some gallery picture clues for you. Note the connections between colours, programming and mind control, WAP song, sports, Eastern Star and freemasonry.


For those who want to follow up on the mind control programming associated with colours and with the Eastern Star, try the following…

  • Wet Ass Mind Control – WAP Beta Kittens [15w][15s]
  • Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz MK-ULTRA Programming Unpacked [12]
  • Travis Scott Astroworld Decode Gina Phillips Part 1 & 2 [14]
  • Mind Control 2 – Sports Logos, Television and Mind Control #MKSport [17w] [17s]
  • Cabala Eastern Star and MK Ultra by Fiona Barnett [18].

Boycott Satanic Google

Google is owned by Alphabet and Youtube is one of their companies. Lets stop using satanic companies as much as we can. We expect satanic celebs to stop using Balanciaga, so how about us not using Google?

What a remarkable set of coincidences that Google’s symbolism is freemasonic and satanic. Or is it?

  • Is it really too much to ask that you use a different video platform than the cabals powerful Google You Tube? Your support would be appreciated at Bitchute, Odysee or Brand New Tube which are all being attacked by the system.
  • Is it too much to ask you to use a different search engine than Google? – maybe Presearch, Freespoke or Brave.
  • Is it really too much to use a different browser than Google’s Chrome? – eg Firefox, Brave or Opera.

Alternatives may not be perfect and these are just suggestions of mine, there may be better ones. Some alternatives may not be as good as Google, and that is the temptation. Would you rather help Satan but have better app features?

Google clearly do not have free speech values and promote lies. Are you are person that quickly capitulates as soon as doing so becomes more convenient or beneficial than resisting?

If it is too much for you to change, then you are partly responsible for the satanists having the power they have. One step at a time, we need to be degoogling. We can all make a difference with every decision.

I have spent over a hundred hours so far, just on degoogling some of my old blog posts that have used videos that have now been removed, or the whole channels removed. That I can tell you is particularly annoying. Google censors to create and maintain their own false narrative. Knowledge and information is lost or in danger of being lost on Google’s platforms. I try and use and post as little of Google’s products as possible, in my blog posts, in my Telegram groups and all social media. It was satisfying to me to see my blogs stats “clicks” onward from my blog, change from mostly google you tube to mainly Odysee. Each one of us can make a difference.

If you use Google as a browser you simply will not find the truth. The algorithms are set to hide the truth and only show you what their satanic corporation wants you to read and wants you to believe their narrative.

Symbols, Definitions, Use of terms etc

Symbols mean different things to different people and they often vary in meaning over time. Interpretations vary. Futhermore meanings are layered and one layer is for the unitiated, a superficial explanation hiding the deeper meanings and secrets. Each level can bring new interpretations.

Wikipedia – Note that I give some links to wikipedia. That is not because I endorse what wikipedia says, or think that wikipedia is a truthful source. I regard it as a mouthpiece of the cabal and it shows what they wish you to believe. It is sometimes a good point to start research. Also these “Spot the Symbolism” series posts are going to be short and basic articles, I am not going to explore meanings in depth.

Satan /Lucifer On a basic level Satan and Lucifer are interchangeable, and many times I use the term “satanists” so people know roughly what i am referring to, who would not have a clue if I referred to Luciferians or Lucifarians. My aim with many articles, is not to help people who are from the system or been abused by it, but the people who know little about the system and so some generalisations are made in the name of simplicity.

However Satan and Lucifer are different. Lucifer some say is the name for the Angel entity before “the fall” and Satan the demon afterwards. Some say Luciferianism has to do with Venus the morning star and various interpretations by ancient cultures, which brings enlightenment, less a deity and more an archetype. Some say Luciferians look down on satanists almost as basic and vulgar.

Some will say that Lucifer is the “god” worshipped by freemasons and this secret is told them at the 32 degree. Names and atrributes of entities vary due to language, translations, civilisation eg Greek, Sumerian, Roman etc , and different times even in the same civilisation. There is also great variation depending on which tradition someone is brought up in, eg Alexandrian or Garderian witchcraft, La Veyan or Satanic Temple satanism, York Rite or Scottish Rite freemasonry etc etc. People having been brought up in the same overall system often have very different ideas of ranks, rituals, holi-days, “gods” etc. Languages are also living, ever changing, “wicked” or “sick” now the opposite of what they used to mean for some. Furthermore obfuscation is the norm for esoteric sects with exoteric meanings are only superficial. Things are rarely as they appear.

I am trying to keep these Spot the Symbolism posts short and this has gone on far longer than I intended, so thats all for now. Please add any more google satanic symbols or google alternatives in the comments… and please repost this on whichever social media you are on, its vital for us that are banned from the likes of twitter.

Bonus Jumble Gallery


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9 thoughts on “Spot the Symbolism 2 – Google and Satanic Symbolism

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  2. Watchful Navigator

    Thank you for a very enlightening and educational post.

    I have tried my best to boycott google for many years, now. I have felt so alone, for so long. I didn’t even know about the symbolism until some years ago, but I felt something was wrong, and I had long ago became aware of google’s military intelligence connections and origins.

    Our tax dollars were leveraged to establish google, and it quickly became a monopoly. People rarely stop to question why it works so well, and is “free.” This has created an insidious, almost unbreakable loyalty in the public mind.

    You will find if you try to talk about this, that people will vigorously defend google and look upon you as crazy for raising any objections.

    Google started censoring my e-mails (starts off delivering to ‘spam’ – then becomes outright blocking) as far back as 2012 (or possibly years earlier – there is a period of blind trust when the creeping awareness builds that people aren’t getting your e-mails at all).

    Google has NO oversight and very little dissent to speak of. It’s already done tremendous damage, as it has exerted influence on the majority of the Internet which was purposely made dependent on its services.

    Contemplate this: the government depends utterly on google and grants it billions in contracts, direct and indirect services. Has the tail been wagging the dog? Absolutely. Google qualifies as an intelligence agency in its own right, and you can bet that it is so operated. Fascism consists of the interlocking of corporations and government, and there is no better example than this, that this is what we live under.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. elfmom55

      I have a Yahoo e-mail address and the last couple years have not been getting mail from sites I’m subbed to. I asked Yahoo about this about a year ago and this has not been resolved. I will probably get another e-mail provider but have no idea which one to use. I am not computer savvy. Will Google censure the new one also?

      Liked by 1 person

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